It’s In The Details: An Easy Way To Better Your Writing

When I travel, I look to the trees, the local flowers, birds, and wish I knew their names. I know that my travelogues would be better if specific details were included in my descriptions.

There are plenty of books and online resources to help you out, but I enjoy being taught and letting the knowledge really sink in through repetition. Why not take a nature or bird identification at your local community college?

Fall course catalogs are out, and flipping through mine, I found a wealth of classes that would help improve my writing…most of which only cost between $25-$65.




There’s something for everyone! For me… I’ll be thinking about Hiking the Waterfalls of the Umpqua, Magazine Writing That Sells, Comedy Writing, Toastmasters Speechcraft, Beginning Norwegian, and quite possibly a business class. Of course I don’t have time to take all of these, but the point is that there are affordable local resources for us to improve our skills whether in our writing or life in general.

Have a gander and see what classes are being taught near you.