Learning Curve

I’m so exhausted. I feel like I’m a hamster in a plastic ball…running, running, running…and not getting any closer to my food dish.

I went to the radio studios yesterday and worked on my first show. It’s taking forever and there is a huge learning curve both on my part (from lack of training), and on theirs (learning how to make the new equipment and software work). An hour long program is turning into a long time and I need to listen to more This American Life.




If you have any fave radio shows that you know can be heard online or nationally, please share them with me. I need to learn by example, and fast! When I was taping the intros yesterday I put on what I thought was my best excited voice (without spontaneous jumping up and down excitement, of course). And my producer had me retake it a few times, saying, ok, now with more energy. Ummm…that was energy, didn’t you hear it? Now, I’m no shrinking violet—what’s an enthusiasitc girl with a loud voice supposed to do when they say more energy? I’m trying…I’m trying……