Name building

I’m in the process of helping my friend get more of his stories placed in print, as well as selling his book. Currently he’s done a lot of free writing on some online travel web sites as well as publishing his stories in various international magazines.

In order to make the most of his book sale, I suggested that he do two things.

1) Get his name in print more. Newspapers, magazines, at home and abroad…wherever. To fatten up his literary bio, so to speak. Why? Because the more established he can show he is, the more his book will get noticed, the more offers he’ll get, therefore the more money or options he’ll have when he chooses which house to go with.




2) Build a personal web site. Personal web sites are not just vanity plugs or ego boosters. They are marketing tools. With a personal web site, you are building your name, getting it out there, and using it in your bio. Again, it creates another level of establishment for your work.

Here are some personal web sites from travel writers/editors that I know. I’m not saying which ones are good or bad…I’m just listing them so you can get some ideas for doing one of your own.
Rolf Potts
Marybeth Bond
Linda Watanabe McFerrin
Carla King
Doung Lansky
Brad Newsham
and for you travel photographers…
Alison Wright

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