Tim Cahill book alert!

Am I the last Tim Cahill fan to find out that he’s got a new book coming out? I just found out today, and I’m so excited!

Hold the Enlightenment: More Travel Less Bliss will release in September with Villard. Hardcover $24.95

Villard has this to say about the new book:
In Hold the Enlightenment, America’s favorite and funniest adventure writer returns with his most entertaining collection of essays yet, as he travels the globe and faces down challenges that are animal, topographical—and human.

Hold the Enlightenment takes Tim Cahill to sites as far-flung as Saharan salt mines, the Congolese jungle, and Hanford, Washington, home of the largest toxic-waste dump in the Western hemisphere.




With his trademark wit and insight, Cahill describes stalking the legendary Cas-pian tiger in the mountains bordering Iraq, slogging through a pitch-black Australian eucalyptus forest to find the nocturnal platypus, diving with great white sharks in South Africa, staving off enlightenment at a yoga retreat in Jamaica, and much, much more. In these essays, vivid and masterly storytelling combine with outrageously sly humor and jolts of real emotion to show one of the most popular journalists of our time at the absolute peak of his game.

And don’t you dare ask who Tim Cahill is. Besides being the writer that got me interested in travel writing, he’s written:

Pass the Butterworms
Road Fever
Pecked to Death by Ducks
A Wolverine is Eating My Leg
Jaguars Ripped My Flesh

He also edited the Travelers’ Tales humor book, Not So Funny When It Happened

Tim was a founding editor at Outside Magazine and now writes for Men’s Journal. I am Fortuante enough to have met him twice. And I look forward to the next time.