Writers conferences and workshops galore!

Are you just starting out and looking for that perfect jump start into becoming a writer? Maybe you need a special workshop… a pretty place to have a positive first experience; Maybe you need concrete established writers and editors to instruct you; OR MAYBE you want it all in the Czech Republic, The Bahamas, Rural Montana, Tuscany, Ireland and more!

The Shaw Guides: Guide to Writers Conferences & Workshops have hundreds if not thousands of writers workshops, conferences and seminars from around the world. Sort by country, genre, month, or season…it’s all up to you. They usually have a description of the event with contact info and web links for you to go find more out on your own. They als o ha ve a handy sign up sheet where you can select which listings you’d like to recceive more info on, and they will follow up with you.




Oooooh the options…have fun!