Book Publicity getting competitive

Did you see this article that came out on Salon yesterday?

Bribes, threats and naked readings
In a world where more and more new books get less and less attention, authors will do anything to promote their work. — by Christopher Dreher.




I can’t believe the gaul of the publicist that inserted a fifsky in with the review copy. That’s just hilarious.

But yes, it is getting tough these days to get your books noticed and reviewed. I’d love to be a part of a round table to brainstorm new ideas on how to get your book alternative pr. Just yesterday I offered up my international services to Travelers’ Tales. When we found out we were having difficulty getting our books distributed in NZ, I figured I could go over there and handsell them. But for only 300ish books, it’s obviously not really worth it. Maybe I’ll put up similar services for auction on EBAY. Heck, I’ve got nothing to do by the end of next month. Why not?