Catching up with the radio gig

After a disastrous practice run last month, things were questionable with the radio gig. Well, I finally caught up with the executive producer at Icicle Networks yesterday and we’re still moving forward.

Instead of an hour long weekly show done by someone with no experience who is a state away from the studios, we’ve gotten a bit more realistic with our capabilities. Instead I’ll be turning in 20 minutes once a week — interviews and bit segments that will hopefully fit into their other shows or that they can submit to Sirius on a stand alone basis.




I don’t think it needs to be women focused anymore, but that’s still not clear. What would I like to be doing? Being truly on the road and profiling people in the travel scene. Not just backpackers, but those that are building hostels in the tree houses of Belize, people who are snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef for the first time, travel sites that are going international in Bali. I think that for those interested in travel, these would make fascinating interviews. Instead of just talking about where to go and how cheap it is…what about enticing them with the sounds and excitement from abroad? Then, follow up with practical info to get them there.

Well, that might be a ways off, so in the mean time, I’ll be getting tape just from around here. It’s still all new to me.