Faith and Follow-Thru

I spelled Follow-Thru like Drive-Thru because it reminds me of milkshakes and having a positive association might make it more fun.

Lately I’ve been spending what seems like a lot of time every day reading newsletters and yahoo groups and doing Google search after Google search for market research. I’m learning lots and trying to keep up on the news in the publishing world and the travel writing world, and some how translate that to my own efforts of increasing my clips and improving my writing. And last night I told myself, “Sure, it’ll pay off someday,” (Even if it feels like treading water now).

I’ve devised a Follow-Thru chart and have it taped up on my wall behind my computer so I can see it. Then I can chart my progress and always know which writing project needs work, and where it stands.




Here are the columns:
Send Date
Resend to someone else Date

Most of those just need a check in their box to note that they are done, and others need a date.

To keep positive you could add a few more columns to that:
Print Date
Get clips
Send clips to family and friends
Add clips to personal web site

The bottom line is — don’t give up the faith, do whatever it takes to keep you on track, and keep punching the clock. Yes, it will pay off someday. And someday doesn’t have to mean ten years from now. You can do it. Live the dream.