Get an editor

Wow, I just spent the past 30-45 minutes editing a story for the author I’m working with — let’s call him Sam — and this story is going to be a seller! That is not his name, but I don’t know if he wants to be revealed in the blog, so, we’ll give him a blog pen name.

Anyway, to catch you up, I’m helping him name build, get more clips, and pave the road for selling his book that’s done and in the editing stages before it goes out. And all I can say is, “I want one!” You know how trainers at the gym have their own trainers? And hairdressers at salons cut eachothers’ hair? Well. Editors need them too.

Sure I’ve got the support and critique of the editors at Travelers’ Tales, my writing friends in Wild Writing Women, and now my Eugene writers group. But they are all so busy with their own work.




I’m a public school girl with a private school attitude, and for me it’s all about personal attention. It would do wonders for my own name building if I had the near daily coaching and intimate and open feedback that I’m giving Sam.

If you can find someone you trust to do this for you, or hire someone that you respect, I highly recommend it. After what I’m doing together with Sam, I’m convinced that teaming up like this could expedite your career immediately.