Humor book covers are in

As soon as I got up this morning I found that our production director Susan Brady had sent two covers for the women’s humor book. I wish I could say that I had the same reaction when I first saw A Woman’s Path. Then, I was physically moved. I got the tingles. I think I jumped up and hugged Larry when he took it from their meeting and walked over to my cube to show me what my name looked like on the cover of a book. The first time it was ever on the front.

But no, not this time. These covers weren’t very inspiring to me. And it’s not really the designer’s fault. We didn’t give her that much to work with. The titles are all wrong, the picture is less than fabulous, and the common complaint among most outside editors—my name is too small and badly placed. In one of the shots anyway.




So, now I’m feeling like I haven’t tried hard enough. That I should’ve done more to scout out cover photos. And I will be trying harder to think up some better titles. Especially better sub titles. I’m finding out through my daily online searches that it’s really important to have the key words that will get us found online. As much as a great cover to grab you off the shelf. Women’s travel needs to be in the subtitle. It can’t just be alluded to if we want to have maximum attention drawn to this book.