More on name building

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m helping an author place his work, and build his name as a travel writer. Why? His chances of selling his travel memoir will be better and more profitable.

We spent 45 minutes on the phone this morning, and it’s truly a joy to be working with someone so gifted.

So, what are we doing? Since he doesn’t have the time to take on assignments from the glossy mags that buy all rights, we are going to try and blanket his name in all the 2nd tier publications both online and in print. The more his name is spread throughout the industry, the better it will be when we pitch his new stories. His personal web site will tie it all together, and that should be done next week.




Back to the writing, repoositioning is key. I’ve picked some nuggets out of his online travelogue writing and he’ll be rewriting leads, endings, and pulling segments to rewrite as stand alone pieces. That way the stories will be fresh, have the grabbing leads that magazines love, and most of all, can be resold as a different piece.

If you have a pile of stock, take your favorite stories and see if there are any ways you can rework them for resale. The more you have out there, the easier it’ll be to get an editor’s attention if you’ve already been published by others in the field.