The Iowa School of Writing

For many years I’ve had it in my head that if I ever went to grad school, the only one I’d want to go to is the presitgious Iowa Writers’ Workshop. But I just went to look it up for the link and I found out that their MFA degrees only focus on either Fiction or Poetry, (neither of which I’m interested in enough to spend two years and all that money on). There’s no indication that you can do your thesis in non fiction, and you can’t even use non fiction for your admissions sample.

Yes, this new shock warrants further investigation, but mostly I am reminded of the humble lesson to be careful what I put on pedestals. Something that I thought I had learned through mistakes with lovers. I’m not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me that it would also apply to non romantic issues.




So, onward…what’s the best graduate MFA program for Creative Nonfiction?