Title saga continues

I knew that this would never be settled until the book goes to print…and so far that seems to be the case.

In the last round of it the sales reps had voted for Hold My Purse While I Kick Your Ass. Then, the TT editors read the ms, and agreed that there was no connection between the title and the content. So, that was scrapped. We then went back to Sand In My Bra. This week the covers came back and in order to make the cover match the title and do it’s best attempt at matching the content…we are now with:

Sand In My Bra And Other Misadventures:
Funny Women Write From The Road

BUT that’s not the last word as another editor is still hanging on to Hold My Purse…only now, it’s




Hold My Purse While I Whip Your Fish:
Funny Women Write From the Road

That would go with the cover photo…and is so outlandish that it doesn’t matter if it fits the content because it’s obviously not an attempt to.

As I was starting to worry about nobody thinking the title would be funny, James, my publisher made a very good point. Is the title A Walk In The Woods funny? No, but the book is hilarious. And we have some funny stories in the book.

This is going to be a good book, and we will do our best with selling the hell out of it. But now you can see a bit of the back and forth that goes on with book production. It’s not always easy. And time and money have so much to do with that as well. We are hours away from being out of time on the cover in order to get into the spring catalog, so what will be will be. The next hurdle? Securing the rights to use the photo. If we can’t, who knows what will happen next!