What’s the angle?

I’m working on a new article and taking it step by step. I’ve got the interview secured. I’ve talked to the publicist, obtained all the press info, and got the run down on what’s already been in print. What’s next?

Last night I ran my story idea by my Eugene writers group, and they had some great ideas to add to the ones I’d already thought of. Since the strength of my article will be the person I’m interviewing…what’s interesting about him? What do I know about him that stands out from everything else? And as we talked about this…and then market leads…it became clear that the easiest way to figure out how to write this story, is not to write it first, but to work backwards.




What magazine do I see it in? Or rather which magazines? Because it’s important to think beyond just one. If I’m looking at mags in the tv/film industry, I’m also looking at mags on the parenting/child interest shelf, and then there’s general interest too.

I’m going to go to the magazine rack at a bookstore to be left nameless…but the ones with more mags in this case would be better…and I’m going to research their departments, what kinds of features they do, and invision where my article will fit. A bit more study on their past issues, and then I’m going to write it to target the best fit. Make sure to note word count, point of view, and how they use your quotes so you know what the editors there like. The closer you get to their style, the easier it’ll be to sell.