Write Your Way To Australia–CONTEST ALERT!

Oh Baby, this is a good one….

Bakpak Travelers Guide is sponsoring a writing contest in which the winner will get $2000 (OZ dollars I think), plus one month’s assignment as their next travel writer/researcher for the 1st edition of their Bakpak Travelers Guide to Australia and New Zealand. This includes RT airfare from major US cities, London, Vancouver, and Toronto, as well as a small perdiem while working on the assignment.

The challenge…write a 250-500 orginal essay on the following theme:
“Select any local destination worldwide (ie any city or town) and tell a potential visitor why they should visit this location.”




I can’t believe I’m sharing this info with you as it will lessen my chances of winning….but…I’m good like that. 🙂 The entry fee is US$20.
Contest Details
NOTE: I can’t see any limit on the number of entries, but I will ask…

The contest ends October 31, 2002