Book Expo America May 28- June 1, 2003

Yesterday a reader wrote in asking about Book Expo America.

I’ve been to at least three in Chicago, one in Los Angeles, and last year’s in New York. They are great, and if you are involved in publishing in anyway, or want to be, this is the place to be. I’ve always gone through the umbrella of working the booth for Travelers’ Tales. Last year I was also able to if needed, get an authors badge from Globe Pequot Press.

If an outside editor unaffiliated with a publisher wants to go, maybe there are other ways to get in. Who do you write for? Can you get a press badge? Do you have an agent? Can he/she get you in? If you are self published and working with a distributor or fulfillment house…can you ask your connections there if they have an extra badge for you? Sometimes the BEA sells badges to individuals, but when I checked out the website just now, I couldn’t find that. Last year I had referred a few people to it, so it just might be too early to try that route.




However, here is the info for registration.
Customer Service
Phone: 203-840-5614
Fax: 203-840-9614
E-mail: Customer Service

Give them a call and ask for the options for your exact situation. I’m sure I’ll talk more about BEA as it gets closer. Last year my writing friends made several great connections with publishers for their books. Whether you have a book in the works and you’re trying to get a publisher, or want to know more about how to self publish…BEA is the place to get lots of questions answered all in one place.