Book Publicity Costs

I need to turn in some budget reports this morning for continued efforts for Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel.

I started searching Google to see if there were some ready made expense lists, and what I found was a cost break down by a publicity house called Red Dog.




Some of it seemed high like the cost of follow up calls at $7, press releases at $249 (normal is about $150), and an online press kit for $899.

However, their low budget national launch for $2599 sounds appealing because it’d be so great to have someone take the whole thing off your hands. Especially if they knew what they were doing. That’s only a little more than a month’s worth of full time work for an employee being paid $15/hr. And that doesn’t have anything to do with employee benefits and taxes, etc. So, if you ask me, that $2599 package is a good deal. But I’d have to see their track record of book placement in the media before signing on.