Freelance Listserve

I don’t know the full definition of listserve and I can’t be bothered to look it up, but I joined another one called:


It’s comprised of 641 members who discuss the business with each other. Writers. Editors. Copyeditors and more. While WorkforWriters seems more like a bulletin board, FREELANCE feels more like a club. The writers talk directly to each other and help one another out with any questions they might have about the business.




While both are open to newish writers, if you’re a straight up beginner I’d go take a writing class or two first. There will be industry lingo that will make your head spin if you’re really green. If you’re at an intermediate level, then this is probably spot on for you, and you’ll get a lot out of it. I’m already learning lots.

Make sure to request your service in digest format so you can look at the emails all at once when you have time, instead of them firing into your inbasket all throughout the day. BTW, I’m loving these things. Tailored news and tips straight to my door a few times a day.