Sand in My Bra gets a great start!

This just in…a sales and marketing meeting with our distributor went very well today. There was strong interest from our sales reps for Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Susan Brady of Travelers’Tales did an excellent job of getting them excited about the book that we hope will be a winning combo of our two most successful lines — women’s travel and humor.

The reps were happy with the authors we’re including, the cover, and our investment in the book. Travelers’ Tales will be doing a special month long promotion in June with the Independent Travel Stores Associaion that has participating travel stores across the nation, possible exposure at the 2003 Los Angeles Times Book Fair, in store marketing tools such as posters and post cards, and sending me on an eight city book tour on the west coast. This is on top of the normal print and broadcast efforts.




Good stuff. Sand In My Bra & Other Misadventures: Funny Women Write From the Road releases in April 2003 and we’ll make a splash with it at Book Expo of America in May. But that’s still a long way away. There’s PLENTY of work still to be done to make sure this book gets a proper launch.