So, it’s the author’s job?

When I worked at Travelers’ Tales, we submitted several of our books for awards every year. And we won awards every year. The titles that did win often got award stickers to place on the covers and it was good press for us as publishers. Needlesstosay it was an ego boost for the authors as well.

Last week when I found the NATJA deadline approaching, I emailed our Stories of World Travel publisher, Globe-Pequot Press, and asked them if they’d be entering us. Today I got a reply that said it was up to us as the authors. I then followed up and asked about some of the other standard travel book awards, and found out that they were only going to submit us for two trade awards. Knowing the benefit of an additional pr opportunity, I started researching the rest of the awards so that the Wild Writing Women could enter ourselves. Guess what I found out? One of the deadlines for 2002 book awards had already passed. And that was the 1/2 books that they were going to enter us in.




So that this doesn’t happen to you, here are links to some standard travel publishing awards. Ask your publisher if they’ll enter you, and if not, do it yourself.

SATW Lowell Thomas Award
PMA Benjamin Franklin Award
ForeWord Magazine Award
Thomas Cook Award
Independent Publishers Award
NATJA Awards