Google Travel Heavyweights & Featherweights

Have you seen Google Fight yet? It does Google searches for keywords and lets you know who has how many.
For example, when Mac Donalds fights Burger King…here are the results.

So…I’ve put some travel notables in the ring.
Pen In Hand
Bill Bryson vs. Tim Cahill…and the winner is
Paul Theroux vs. Peter Matthiessen…and the winner is
Rolf Potts vs. Pico Iyer…and the winner is
Marybeth Bond vs. Thalia Zapatos…and the winner is
Peter Mayle vs. Frances Mayes…and the winner is
Richard Sterling vs. Doug Lansky…and the winner is

From the Bookshelf
Lonely Planet vs. Rough Guides…and the winner is
Fodor’s vs. Frommer’s…and the winner is

Behind the Desk
(Travelers’ Tales) Larry Habegger vs. James O’Reilly…and the winner is
(World Hum) Michael Yessis vs. Jim Benning…and the winner is
(BootsnAll) Sean Keener vs. Chris Heidrich…and the winner is

Read All About It
Los Angeles Times vs. New York Times…and the winner is
San Francisco Chronicle vs. Seattle Times…and the winner is
Outside Magazine vs. National Geographic Adventure Magazine…and the winner is
Conde Nast Traveler vs. Travel & Leisure and the winner is




What Everyone Wants To Know
Traveler vs. Tourist…and the winner is

Think this is fun? Read more for non travel fights.

Go to to see their classics, hall of fame fights, or to make your own.

Now here are a few more…
Jennifer L. Leo vs. Jen Leo
Jennifer L. Leo ( 165 000 results) versus Jen Leo ( 64 400 results)

Bill Gates vs. Donald Trump
Bill Gates (1 540 000 results) versus Donald Trump ( 103 000 results)

Russell Crowe vs. Mel Gibson
Russell Crowe ( 318 000 results) versus Mel Gibson ( 335 000 results)

Matt Damon vs. Ben Affleck
Matt Damon ( 210 000 results) versus Ben Affleck ( 248 000 results)

Tom Cruise vs. Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise ( 628 000 results) versus Brad Pitt ( 234 000 results)