Well Traveled: dispatches from the frontlines of travel

Damn, those World Hum guys are good. I don’t know how they have the time to find the great scoops they do. Now normally I don’t copy them, and normally they don’t link to travelogues…but in this case…we’re both breaking the rules.

They found some fresh stuff from Tim Cahill. He’s online writing for Slate’s Well Traveled column. Tim has accepted a mission from Slate “to trace the history of the “deep” blues, from its birthplace in the Mississippi Delta to its ultimate migration to Memphis, Chicago, and eventually the far corners of the world as we know it.”




I can’t wait to check it out. Another notable from this section is Richard Bang’s, “Into the Heart of Africa”

Thanks Mike and Jim, as you know Tim’s one of my faves. Now if I can only get out from under this Sand In My Bra work and review his book!