Daily Archives: May 16, 2002

Book Expo America, NYC…getting there & the set up

The entry to New York City and checking in to our hotel was exhausting…three hours from the airport. The city is so large, enveloping, and the skyscrapers hide nearly all the sunlight from above. Our shuttle crept along inch by inch amid the traffic and I wondered which was more […]

David Sedaris…a laugh every ten words!

Two nights before I left for BEA, I was invited to go see David Sedaris in one of the Cal Performances at Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall. Also on the ticket for the evening were Sarah Vowell and David Rakoff. Who? I had no idea who the This American Life regulars were, […]

I need my Centrum! & Blogging in the media

One-a-day vitamins, the birth control pill, apples—I just can’t be bothered with anything besides eating that requires my daily attention. I’m hoping I can grow out of it as someday pets and children will enter the picture. Until then, I’ll have to take my punches with blogging and learn how […]