Monthly Archives: July 2002

Submissions and Rejection letters

Where have I been the last seven years? I just found out today that Travelers’ Tales doesn’t do rejection letters. I know we’ve done them in the past, but I guess that our staff time and resources do not allow for that extra step anymore. And yes, at the very […]

Coastal Living Magazine

I quickly checked out Writer’s Weekly this morning and I love their Markets and Jobs section. Markets and Jobs Coastal Living magazine caught my eye, and I was glad that I checked out their writer’s guidlines. They are impressively thorough. Here’s their notes from Writer’s Weekly, but definitely go check […]

Get your stories out there!

In search of hilarious travel stories…and finding myself in the shallow end of the laugh pool…I ran across this page that lists a bunch of links as to where you can publish your travel stories and photographs. It seemed to be heavier than usual on the diving and sea faring […]

Sarah Vowell

Has anybody read Take the Cannoli:Stories From the New World by Sarah Vowell? I’m trying to pick a selection from there for the women’s humor book, but I just don’t know which one is the funniest. I love the one with the same name as the book—about her obsession with […]

Overcoming Writer’s Block

This week an epal I met through asked me for some suggestions on how to ease her writer’s block. I was right about to offer up some suggestions on the blog when Larry passed me his new column to post in Larry’s Corner. Guess what it was on? Yep, […]

A new kind of writing

Boy did I have a good day today. I’ve been sweating bullets about being behind on launching the radio show, but it turns out I’m not behind at all. I went into the studios today and met the Production Director, worked with my technical producer, pitched 20 show ideas to […]

Title for the women’s humor book

Hey Everybody, I’m up in the air about a title use for the women’s humor book. I’d love your feedback. You can give your anonymous opinion on the BootsnAll message boards where I posted a poll, or you can give me your feedback here. These are the five I’ve got […]

Kickin it into high gear!

Yeah! I jammed on the humor book this weekend. Gathered some good leads for interviews and content for the radio show at the same time! Feels great to be working at high speed again. Go figure, happy when I’m relaxed…happy when I’m zoomin. I think the trick is to be […]

Last minute Leo

So I’m reading hard and fast cramming for the humor book. Trying desperately to find some big names for my first round of turning publisher info into Travelers’ Tales for the humor book. Due date tomorrow. Technically I have a few more weeks, but the little stuff has to get […]

Temporary lack of interest

Today is San Francisco’s Books by the Bay, a celebration of Independent bookstores. A day where indie bookstores come together to support the book community, sell their wares, and have a day of author readings, signings, and events. The Wild Writing Women were asked by Book Passage to come by […]