Monthly Archives: November 2002

It’s Webby Time Again

I can’t believe it’s already time again…but it is. Submissions for the 7th Annual Webby Awards end December 20th. For travel, I highly recommend my favorite, These guys always seem to be overlooked by the mainstream media. But hey, what can you do? Vote for them in the People’s […]

Wild Writing Women Travel Writers Conference

By popular demand, the Wild Writing Women have put together a workshop for travel writers. The first one will be held January 25 & 27, 2003 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Wild Writing Women Travel Writers Conference Only five of the WWW will be participating, and I will not […]

Seal Press Call for Submissions

Women writers, turn in your stories. Seal Press has their call out. Afloat: Yarns by Seafaring Women Edited by Barbara Sjoholm Fall 2003 First person nautical narratives Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2003 Women Who Eat Deadline Dec. 1, 2002 Some Soul to Keep: Young African-American Women on Love, Relationships, […]

Lonely Planet Travel Writing Competition

Ok, travel writers. Here’s your chance to become a Lonely Planet writer. Lonely Planet Kindness of Strangers Competition LP is looking for stories of high literary quality that illustrates the following theme: “These spontaneous acts of goodness, given with no expectation of return, embody one of travel’s fundamental lessons: that […]

Well Traveled: dispatches from the frontlines of travel

Damn, those World Hum guys are good. I don’t know how they have the time to find the great scoops they do. Now normally I don’t copy them, and normally they don’t link to travelogues…but in this case…we’re both breaking the rules. They found some fresh stuff from Tim Cahill. […]

James O’Reilly recommends M.F.K. Fisher

James O’Reilly, publisher of Travelers’ Tales sent an email today to the TT staff, raving about M.F.K. Fisher. I thought I’d pass it on since there are several of you out there who email me asking how to improve your writing. “Reading M.F.K. Fisher for Travelers’ Tales Provenceand DAMN is […]

A House Somewhere: Tales of Living Abroad

I missed Don George’s book release party tonight at Book Passage! He was reading with Isabel Allende from his latest anthology A House Somewhere: Tales of Life Abroad. This collection is “filled with stories of folks who committed themselves to a place that wasn’t their own, but that became home.” […]

Free Travel = More Travel Writing Potential announced in their newsletter last night that is giving away 500,000 seats until Nov.18, 2002. It’s for flights in Europe–London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Glasgow, Shannon-and any of their flight destinations within Europe. To look at their homepage is an instant rush —the kind you get from […]

Google Travel Heavyweights & Featherweights

Have you seen Google Fight yet? It does Google searches for keywords and lets you know who has how many. For example, when Mac Donalds fights Burger King…here are the results. So…I’ve put some travel notables in the ring. Pen In Hand Bill Bryson vs. Tim Cahill…and the winner is […]