A Different Kind of Networking

I like to eat, and I like to talk. So, it’s no surprise that I’ve taken up to making friends with the regulars at the diner next to my phone job in Springfield. The Busy Bee Cafe is a thriving reincarnation of a 50s soda fountain. I’ve been going there for the past week and sitting at the counter with the retired set. They like that I’m a writer and are starting to open up with their life’s stories. I soak it all in and sometimes cut them off if they get to rambling.

Being there to eat and make friends, it caught me off guard when they started offering me story leads. A humor story from LTD bus drivers, the chance to ghost write a historical memoir, and as of today, one I’ll probably follow through on. Donna is brinigng me her mother-in-law’s journal. We’re meeting at lunch tomorrow to read it together. I think the journal, as well as the people that I’m meeting at the Busy Bee will make a great local feature. Donna can’t wait to show it to me, and I’m feeling the same excited anticipation.




There is a story in everyone. Don’t underestimate the story leads that exist in new acquaintances. Sometimes just telling people you’re a writer can open up a whole avenue of undiscovered gems. And maybe some rewarding relationships, too.