Guidelines Database and Travel Ezines

I love it when I find something really cool to share with all of you. And this morning, I found two.

This, is a great page to read for any writer and I wish more would. You’d be surprised at how many writers I meet who are actually churning out pages and pages of the written word on their own computers, dreaming about making a living on writing, yet they haven’t started checking out guidelines for how to submit. They just write what they want, wish someone would publish it without editing, but don’t take the time to play by the rules. Well, here you go. Read this.’s Top Strategies for Finding Guidelines Online




I followed their instructions…and I’m not going to summarize so that you actually go read the whole article…and I found this database of 140 Travel Ezines, complete with contact information, website links, zine descriptions, and more. The site is no longer being kept up, so make sure you email for current ezine status before submitting.

Also, check out their category page for links to many more Ezines sorted by subject.

With all these leads, sometimes I feel like there really is no time to get a job.