Hey Writers, Here’s to 2003!

I won’t breathe a word about resolutions, but I will say that calendar moments like we’re having right now get me thinking, dreaming, and yes — planning.

Every year I tell myself that I want to grow and accomplish more than I did the year before. When my birthday rolls around, I want to be further along than I was on the last birthday whether that’s personally or professionally. With 2003 on my doorstep, I’m realizing that I’ve helped more writers this past year than I have myself. And that’s fine, I love that. But a friend recently reminded me that it was time to do some things for myself. To actually be selfish, (with my time).

For me, it’s much easier to talk about wanting something than it is to actually have it. So, as I think on previous speeches about wanting to write, now I’m going to take that leap of faith in bringing my words to action. Where to start? This month I’m looking forward to having a writing retreat day with a friend where we spend all day in various coffee houses, restaurants, bookstores, and newstands. We’re going to outline some realistic goals, brainstorm story ideas/queries, do some writing excercises, pick one of our ideas and write a first draft, help eachother edit it, brainstorm market leads, and basically get it to the point where 48hrs later it can be in the mail and on the way to the editor.




It’s time to stop talking about it and start trying it.

Good luck with spinning your byline dreams into reality. I’ll keep the market ideas flowing.