Pay Off! Congrats Philip!

I woke up this morning to find that Philip Blazdell, a writer that I’ve been coaching for name building, just won a commendation for a writing award. His story, Falling was a top ten finalist from 577 entries in the competition for a prize of L1,000.

You know its funny, I remember reading “Falling” for the first time and nearly crying, I remember editing it with him, and I remember sending him the link to the contest — but if he hadn’t won, I would’ve forgot that he entered. We as writers plug, plug, plug a long, and then Bam! Pay off comes and reminds us that it’s worthwhile. Now I don’t think Philip will be winning any money, but the pay off comes in recognition. In that flash of excitement, pride and enthusiasm to do more now that someone noticed and appreciated our work.

Philip Blazdell is one of the founding writers for He currently has more than sixty stories on their site. He is an absolute gem to work with, and I hope we both accomplish our team writing/editing/publishing goals for 2003.




Read on for his bio and details on the next competition.

Philip Blazdell was born and raised in Thatcher’s Britain. Understandably he left home at the first opportunity for healthier climes. In order to fund increasingly ambitious trips Philip has worked as a milkman, raffle ticket seller, social worker, rocket scientist, university professor and technology consultant. His travel writing is based on these experiences and has appeared in several international magazines, newspapers, and travel web sites.

Blazdell’s first book, THE BLACK PADDY AND I — a hilarious memoir of his observations while working in Japan — is nearly finished. When not reclaiming his baggage at Heathrow, looking for a connection in Copenhagen or eating sushi in Helsinki, he is at home with his family in a small village in the UK.

Details for’s Next Competition. (1500 words, non published true life experience, L1000 prize, deadline May 9, 2003)