Rough News and Doug Lansky

I got my copy of Rough News this week. It was fun for me because it came all the way from the UK and they send it out for free! Then I was pleasantly surprised to see Doug Lansky on the cover and to find that he’s just done another book.

The Rough Guide First Time Around the World

It seems like there are a few similarly related travel books coming out right now. Not exactly, but still… (Rolf’s, Doug’s, and Ken Vollmer’s)




Rough News gave us a snippet of Doug’s book in the newsletter and I enjoyed reading the bottom ten modes of local transport, and the helpful best places to sit on a third world bus. While Rough News promotes Rough Guides books and writers, it’s always done in an informative format to the budget/adventure traveller — whether you choose to use their guides or not.

And in case you didn’t already know, they have their entire guidebook content online. Too cool Rough Guides.