SAND IN MY BRA: Update, I Can’t See the Fat Lady

Well, we had to cut five more stories this week. Maybe only four…still trying to save one. I’m not too upset because these will go straight into the hopper for TT’s next humor book, Hyenas Laughed At Me & Now I Know Why, due out Fall 2003. Speaking of that book, we just put it up on our Guidelines & Deadlines page, so if you have a hilarious travel misadventure to tell, read the guidelines and turn it in.

Now I’m onto the PR and marketing for Sand. It’s just the beginning, and I’m already behind (even if the book isn’t due out till April/May), but things are kicking in gear. Right now I’m after a name brand Intro and some endorsements of worthy caliber. That and mailing out review galleys to the book reviewers and long lead women’s/travel magazines.




if you are in the press and would like a review copy, please email me. Unfortunately, I can only give out galleys to long lead press right now. It’s a budget thing. When the book comes out I will be able to give review copies to midlevel print and online book reviewers.