To Freelance Or Not To Freelance

I just got back from my Eugene writers group and I got great feedback on two magazine story leads I’ve got in the hopper. But writing and selling those, and then waiting for the check extends so far out on the calendar it doesn’t count towards paying my rent.

The appointment setting job I’ve been doing now because I thought the hours were going to be ideal is not shaping up fast enough. So, I’ve been confused all day as to how quickly I need to get out of there. The trouble is, I haven’t been this inspired to write in a long time. Ideas are coming from every direction, and I’m treasuring the time at the cafe witb Donna and Dale.




Today they brought me old magazines from the 1930s and told me about their parent’s lives in the early 1920s. They are still waiting for the journal, but hopefully they got it tonight and will bring it to me tomorrow. Now I just need a new battery for my Jornada so I can camp out at the Busy Bee and crank out stories. Oh yeah, and someone to pay my rent while I tend to this active creative spirit.