Travel Associations

Not ready for the big dogs yet? Turn to Travel Association journals, newsletters, and magazines in the meantime. Membership benefits with travel associations, (whether they’re about corporate, eco, or leisure travel), often include a subscription to their association’s publication.

List of Travel Associations

A little bit of research on their website will point you in the right direction as to who to contact for freelance guidelines. First look for the magazine/journal, then see if you can find any info on the editor. It’s worth a call/email to see if they take outside authors. I’m sure you have some travel tips, advice, or anecdotes that they could use.

Let’s try one here for a sample.

Travel Industry Association of America
Then we go to their “Publications” page and they tell us that “TIA publishes a wide variety of reports which may be purchased individually or through a Subscription Package — all substantially discounted for TIA members. ”




After we go to the subscription page we find double gold. Not only do they publish USA Travel News but the description of this newsletter tells us that “USATravelNews will also include press trips and complimentary accommodations available for working journalists. ”

Hello TIA. Hello USA Travel News.

Then they show us that they have an archive of these newsies.

At this point I see that this is useful info to have, but not a place where I could actually pitch an article to them. But now I go back to the main TIA and look for contact info so I can send an email or make a call and ask about writing for their other publications.
Travel Industry Association of America
1100 New York Avenue, NW,
Suite 450,
Washington, DC 20005-3934,
Fax 202.408.1255

Meanwhile I see that they have a job posting for an Intl Marketing Coordiantor…go figure…my specialty.