Travel-Writing Boot Camp for Journalists

The well respected MediaBistro has two classes that have just been added to my “I want list.”Travel-Writing Boot Camp for Journalists and Boot Camp for Journalists which is also on that same page. For me personally, I think I’d get more out of the latter (D.C teacher).

Though I have a degree in Journalism from USC, I firmly believe that anyone wanting to get into a journalistic career doesn’t need one. If you are starting from scratch, whether changing careers or just acknowledging your burning desire to write, a class like this is all the jump start you need. After that it’s about persistence, self marketing, getting your foot in the door and working your way up — as with anything. They teach you the rules and after that it’s up to you to get going on using them. So, no money for grad school? Take this for $475. Classes begin in early February, (Locations are in D.C., SF, LA, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago)




NOTE: They also have other boot camps with topics including sport writing, entertainment writing, and food writing.

Thanks to Delara for sending in the link!