Vagablogging Takes 2003 By Storm!

No, I didn’t tell you about this blog before OR right as it launched because I wanted to see how it took shape. And I’m happy to say that Rolf Pott’s new is my new favorite travel blog. While other travel blogs report on where they’ve been and where they’re going next, or for the more intellectual crowd…what’s going on in the travel literature world — Vagablogging is a Sunday brunch buffet for the literary travel enthusiast.

Feast on “Travel Qotes of the Day” from your favorites such as Bill Bryson and Tim Cahill, while also reading poignant travel takes from Paulo Coelho and A.R. Ammons; Read interviews from big shots such as Pico Iyer; and if you’re already a fan of Rolf, get tipped on his upcoming magazines articles. Heck, if you’re an up and coming travel writer yourself, you’ll be inspired by Rolf’s amazing ability to network and market himself from the other side of the globe.

However, Vagablogging will really light up when Rolf’s first book, Vagabonding (Random House, January 2003) hits the shelves next week. Rolf will be on tour and you’ll be able to get a behind the scenes look of a west coast book tour.




Folks, this is a readable blog. Rolf Potts is personal, inspirational, informative, and if you’re a sucker for the big names in travel literature, won’t disappoint.

TECHNICAL NOTE: View the site in Internet Explorer because the text is hard to read and looks like crap in Netscape.