Written Road Gets Sponsorship from BootsnAll.com

These are exciting times indeed. Sunday night I met with Sean Keener, President of BootsnAll.com to further discuss the details or a web site partnership to launch later this month. It was our third meeting and now we’re just down to signing off on a profit sharing split as well as the actual contract.

So…what’s the dish? For three years, or maybe even more, I’ve been wanting to do a web site called WrittenRoad.com: The Online Community For Travel Writers. It would be one place where novice, intermediate, and veteran travel writers could go for all resources related to travel writing. I bought the domain name, but because of time and money, never got it off the ground. Heck, I’ve had two different designers and even did business cards for it. That was two and a half years ago.

We all know that ideas are a dime a dozen and it’s action that counts. So when Sean, one of my biggest WR blog fans, came to me and said that he wanted to enable me to run with these ideas and he could help in the areas that were holding me back the most…I said Yes!




Are you kidding? I’m not that easy. I first said, No! End of story. Passion and protectiveness first. Then we met again to discuss mixing business with pleasure as I have very close personal relationships with the BootsnAll boys, and I didn’t want to sacrifice them for the biz. In our second meeting we got the emotion out on the table, and then out of the way. So, in the third meeting, it was strictly business and we both agreed on what a strong partnership this could be — as well as an invaluable resource for both the BootsnAll community and the general travel writing public.

Isn’t this exciting? I am thrilled about it now because a vision is soon to become a reality. In phases of course. First step is moving this blog onto a much better format with Moveable type. Then we’ll begin building WrittenRoad.com and soon it will make it’s debut.

Acquiring WrittenRoad.com is the first merger for the BootsnAll Travel Network and the deal was celebrated over two pitchers of porter at High Street Brewery, and then pizza at Bene’s in downtown Eugene. Yes, we can have it all if we try.