Cranking Up the PR Machine

I’m headed down to San Francisco for a week. I’ll be at Travelers’ Tales every day working on kick starting the PR wheels for Sand In My Bra. I’m confident that between Krista and myself, we should be able to meet my high standards of expectations.

Main thing is just push push push. I turned in the marketing plan a few weeks ago and James and Larry added some great things that I had forgotten. We only have three more months!




My social time will be fairly limited as I’m trying to maintain some sense of sanity which usually gets lost in SF visits. If you have time, come by the Wild Writing Women literary salon Wednesday. Anneli Rufus, book editor of the East Bay Express will be our guest speaker. Show runs from 5:30-7:00pm and it’s usually a’buzzin and a’hoppin with networking and activity.
Hope to see you there!