First Step

If I’m not sitting in front of a movie, it’s hard for me to keep still. So, on my two hour wait for a ride at the Sacramento Greyhound station, I started to put some talk into action with this book proposal. Having recently worked on the press release and back cover copy for Sand In My Bra, my brain was still in “pitch” mode.

I cranked out the subject of the book and story synopsis for a dozen of the chapters, a few of which are already written.




I’m breaking it down, task by task, and I’m confident I can get it done by BEA. I have no idea what the proper ettiquette is for telling or not telling what the book is about in advance. But I’m not really giving it away if I tell you it’s a humor anti-self help book pased on personal experience. Romance of course. And yes, several of the chapters have travel elements in them.

If you’re writing a book, do your proposal at the same time. Why not? It’s not as hard as you think. And the more positive you are, the easier it’ll be to finish.
Lets do it together.