Getting Ready for Everything

Things are really coming together in the name building department this year. Sand In My Bra releases with Travelers’ Tales in April. is launching this spring on the Bootsnall Travel Network. If those weren’t exciting enough, I’m pushing for more. But with all the little sidegigs I’ve got going on, focus is often difficult to attain. Now, the Book Expo America is nearly upon us and I’ve got it in the back of my head to show up with book proposals and personal portfolios so I can take that next step with other publishers and agents.

You might say, “Come on Jen, how the hell are you going to do that too on top of everything else?” Well, I just might buy some focus and hand holding. I love personal attention and guidance and I found someone who’ll give it to me. Yes I’m a sucker for advertising, but this one is cheap enough it just might be worth it even if it doesn’t exceed my expectations like he says he will.




OK, OK, enough of being vague. I’ve been patiently keeping the debit card in my wallet while I read through all the benefits of this program and now I’m nearly ready. It’s Steve Manning’s “How to Write a Book in 14 Days.” I’m not quite ready to endorse it (because of how hyped and sales oriented it is). But I AM READY TO BE OUR GUINEA PIG. Besides, he does the smart thing and gives a 100% money back guarrantee. If he delivers half of what he says he does, the $297 fee will be worth it. The cost is about the same as hiring an editing coach for a magazine article. Or the same as participation in a writing conference (half of the Book Passage Travel Writers Conference).

The way I see it. I don’t have $297 to lose, but I also am desperate to start actualizing my potential. And that getting closer to that is worth much much more than $300.