Laurie Nataro

Dammit, I missed a good author to have in Sand In My Bra! From her web site Laurie Notaro seems like an author that is right up my alley. Her site had me laughing and she’s got great writing samples in her archives. I also like her bio.

Bios kill me and I want one that’s cool and different. For Written Road, and

So anyway, back to the super chica Laurie. Have you read her book The Idiot Girls’ Action Adventure Club: True Tales From a Magnificent Clumsy Life? It looks hilarious. And she’s got Autobiography of a Fat Bride: True Tales of a Pretend Adulthood coming out later this year.




I tried to link to her columns at the Arizona Republic, but couldn’t find any current ones through their search function.

Have fun on her site, and I’ll read through them looking for some excerpts for my next women’s humor anthology.