Namebuilding — Covering All the Bases

I’m back at Travelers’ Tales after a great breakfast with James O’Reilly, our publisher. He’s been a mentor and friend for many years and continued to give me great advice this morning. In particular, how to maximize our PR efforts through Sand In My Bra. Not only will the promotion of the book help my own namebuilding, but he reminded me of how much I’ve already done in my career so far and to use that to help promote the book. The perfect catch 22: use me to sell the book, use the book to sell me.

To cover all the angles of self promotion, we talked about using the details of my life to attract interviews. How’d I get here –to be an editor/author? How did I get into humor? Why is laughing an important part of my life? there are lots of answers behind all those questions. We talked about branching out from our normal travel/women’s/book PR routes and making the most of other angles like my Chinese American heritage. A worthy angle I hadn’t thought of. James also shared with me follow up techniques for making the most of radio interviews and fielding/steering event Q & A.




At the moment I’m all fired up and thrilled to be back in San Francisco. Yes, it’s a brief and compounded week of getting the PR for Sand flying, but so far I’m loving every minute of it. Especially the time to spend with good friends I haven’t seen in months and months.