Organizational Needs

I’ve recently realized I’m in need of a bible. Not the new & old testament kind, but a Jen Leo personalized don’t-leave-home-without-it travel reference version. A collection of contacts from media and fellow travel writers, to event coordinators, to writing templates, to press releases and promo material for all that I endorse. Biz cards, blog samples, book post cards, resumes and testimonials. I’m not a handspring or Palm pilot type though much of this could be loaded onto my Jornada if I ever get a replacement battery.

We’ll see. I do need it to be put together and it has to be small enough that I can carry it around easily. I’m sure some of you must think that I’d already have all this set up, but half of it is in my head, the other half is in a rolodex I took home when I left TT a few years a go, and the rest I am carry around in efficiently in an overstuffed backpack that has all new people who meet me asking if I’m a student.




Where’s my personal assistant? I ought to add that to my wishlist.