Two submission calls: Asia and America

Whether you’re at home or abroad, there are current calls out for your stories. I’ve been keeping my eye on Inky Girl and often I find other writing opportunities stemming from the sites she’s siting in her telecommuting job picks. Follow her blog if you want daily leads to submission calls.

From, writers are wanted for an Asian Water Magazine. “We are looking for experienced writers based in Vietnam, China and Thailand who can write on the water sector.” This is a paying gig with an amount based on experience.




From, American Magazine is seeking nonfiction articles about America. “We want stories from all over the country, about everything from unique festivals to interesting places to
travel to personal heroes.” It pays $25-$100. I think this one is great for beginners because no matter where you live, you can write about your own hometown and send it in. Tell them what’s going on in your neck of the woods. What’s original, interesting or unknown about your small town? They seem open to new writers and you won’t have to spend a lot of your own resources traveling to get the story.