Anne Lamott in The Writer

She’s the coolest, isn’t she? I love her style even if I am way behind in keeping up with her books. In the April issue of The Writer, editor Ronald Kovach interviews Anne Lamott.

Straight Shooter: Anne Lamott succeeds with honest writing

It’s pretty darn cool that The Writer puts this up on their site. I’d think that this interview alone could sell a few mags.




Best selling novelist Anne Lamott lives in the Bay Area, is a regular at Book Passage, and just happens to be included in Sand In My Bra. TT has excerpted her several times over the years and I actually like the story we used in A Woman’s Path more than the one we did for Sand. At the end of the day they’re both good, and as the interview tells you, it is her brutal honesty that makes her writing work so well. I like how Ronald put it, “Other writers may wear their heart on their sleeve; Lamott sometimes puts her heart in your face.”

Check out the interview, and of course the fantastic resource The Writer. This same issue has more than 250 writers conference listings.