BEA 2003: Autographing for Sand In My Bra

I've been accepted into the BEA signing program. I had no idea that I had to pass some kind of rhetoric, but I guess I did. Turning in the paperwork on time seems like trial enough to me, but Krista, our publicist at TT, found out yesterday that we were “accepted.” Thanks for the hard work on getting us this added exposure Krista!

I’ll be signing Sand In My Bra in the author autographing area on Saturday May 31st from 12-12:30pm. Day after my birthday.

I remember the first time I went to BEA in 1995 or 1996 standing in the long lines eager to get a free book.

I was so wide-eyed then I don’t think I even knew who the authors were or made a plan to get the books I wanted. It was more like a mad dash through the shortest lines to see how many free books I could get.




This will be cool. I wonder how many I can sign in 30 minutes. I’ll have to keep my trap shut and direct everyone to the My guess is we’ll sign about 100 books. Can someone from TT tell us how many we’ll be bringing for this part of the show?

The exposure end of this isn’t reliant on how many books you get in attendees hands as it is the awareness you get from all the PR they do in their daily news bulletins, conference handbooks, and so on. That’s what really makes it worth it.