Good Press is Great Press!

How come that as of right now, Thursday night at 10:39pm, none of my friends with blogs have blogged about the great press they got in yesterday’s Christian Science Monitor.

Rolf, BootsnAll, World Hum—come on guys! No need to be bashful, tell the world you got good press.

Backpackers: A Community That’s Always On the Go




Brad Newsham, a bud from my TT days publicizing his book Take Me With You, had his eyes open and mailed the TT staff the positive article that mentioned so many of our friends.

I love it. These guys are my pals but the PR girl in me is saying Yeah! From my quick read it seemed to me that Rolf got the interview and mentioned his faves. Author, Frank Bures, took it from there. But that’s just my take. Any one of these other folks could have done it too. I’m just sorry that Brad, founder of BackpackNation didn’t get his plug too.

I think we can all agree that the most important thing here is that backpacking is being encouraged in this article. During a world climate filled with so much tension, it’s important that we stay open and positive to the gift that travel brings—and will continue to bring—if we have the courage to let it.