mba Jungle

Oooh a new magazine for me to follow! I haven’t been enamoured with any of the usual suspects for the past few years, but a trip to the newstand yesterday got me excited about this one…

mba Jungle

What grabbed me was their subhead:




OK, what first grabbed me was their bright green cover with jungle in bright red, and a lipstick kissed yellow note for the feature story “Office Romance: Watch Your Step Or Kiss Your Job Good-bye”

This mag is right up my alley and I just might subscribe. It’s a book about life, putting work first. But not so much that it’s an over the top trade mag. The Travel section is hearty, not just some skimpy one pager, and a perfect new market for those who write destination pieces. The tone is relatable and the format is very clean. Reminds me of Wallpaper.

The web site, is pretty cool too. Simple, good nav, and I’m going to be a regular on their Life page. Dining, Travel, Fashion, and Indulgences for the gear head with the thick wallet. If you’re job hunting, check out their Career Tools off the home page. Good stuff.

Ok, enough praise for now. I’ll try and get the guidelines for the travel section. It looked very cool and definitely worth getting a clip from. Maybe they’ll send me one of their red hats for giving them a plug. I want one. I want one.