Soon Soon Soon

Last night I worked on coding some of the content for which will be launching fairly soon. That makes me sound like some kind of programmer, but really it means I know how to push a few buttons like you would make a word doc bold or italic. Very light stuff you don’t want to bother the guys who really know what to do. The site will have a few sample stories, book info, the Intro by Jessica Maxwell, a silly bio of me, how to order info, event listings, and more. A marketing tool. Having this site will enable the authors included in the book to direct their friends, family, and fans to it’s location. If you couldn’t already tell, I believe in web sites. They are essential in namebuilding whether that’s for yourself or your product.

But back to the title of this blog post. I also worked on setting up some author events in Oregon this weekend and back at the ranch Susan Brady was looking over the last pages before it goes to print. They used to call them blue lines, but I forget what she calls them now. Specs? It’s the last thing you see before the book comes out. Well, actually they send you 3 copies of the new book, and then they print the rest. We’re not too far off now.




These passes are to see if the cover is off, and in some cases if we spelled Ellen Degeneres’s name wrong. For that, you would make a change. Anything else like a dumb line I don’t like in my bio, or my story bio missing the word “the” is not worth the money it would cost us to make the change. That’s what these non blue line passes are for.

Are you excited? I am. It’s coming soon! Boy is this a fun book.