The flip side

Today I was on the other end of the story. Krista, the Senior Publicist at Travelers’ Tales, got a call from a woman doing an article on solo women’s travel for The New York Times. She had me give her a call so we could give a plug for Sand, so lets cross our fingers and hope we get a mention.

The interesting part for me was that it was hard to get out of writers head. I kept trying to answer her questions with a soundbyte in mind, and it only made me fumble for the next word more. Once I admitted that I was trying to do that, we had a laugh. She did a great job of assuring me I was giving her good info, and I was able to get into it more easily. I can’t remember the last time TT has made it into the NYT, so I hope this one works out for us. In case she was also going to include some practical online info, I pointed her in the direction of two fave and useful sites for indie women travelers, and