I’m exhausted.

I need a laptop. I need an assistant. If a genie were to grant me one, but only one of these two things, I’m not sure which I’d pick. I could help more people with an assistant, but I could help myself more with a lap top.

I’m drinking my coffee with less and less sugar. Two years ago I didn’t even drink coffee.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m cut out for employment. I think I’d do better at applying high energy on short term projects. Days when I’m not excited are harder than days when I have lots of work.

Once I knew a guy who liked me, hadn’t met me, but liked me and acted like he’d move boulders for me. One scenario we talked about, (he was fairly well to do), was what I’d do if I didn’t have to work. He asked me with a hint of suggestion that he could give that to me. I spoke about writing and learning languages, but I was not bashful in telling him about my social calendar and the lunches that I would be having with friends, colleagues, etc. He didn’t bat an eye.




My fantasies are more complex now.

United sent me my Mileage Plus card yesterday. Last night I cooked to relax. A big shephard’s pie (Leo style with sausage instead of hamburger). And then I worked. I wanted to write a story that was singe-ing a patch of hair behind my right ear, but instead I worked on a namebuilding project. I remember I owe you Name-building Part II.

I need more time. Yesterday I voted on which ambassadors I wanted to to be sent on the first Back Pack Nation trip. Their resumes were thoroughly humbling. And just when I was thinking that I haven’t done nearly as much for other people as I could, I got an email from a WR fan who has been using this site and was working on a name-building project and needed a small bit of info. That felt nice and I set out at finding what she needed because I was only 99.7% sure of my answer and too tired to trust myself.

I’ll take that assistant now.

Eleanor Roosevelt says “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
Winston Churchill says, “Never, never, never give up.”
I say “Some days are more simple than others.”

Put them all together and you’ve got a great attitude that will last.

Have a good day.